Top Ten Study Tips for Exam Preparation

Are you preparing for the exams? Here are the ten tips give yourself a chance to try them and stay away from the stress. Remember, you can do it.

Give yourself time to study

Until the last minute don’t leave it. Most of the study do the last-minute forcing, it’s common as many of us done this, but it is not the best way to prepare for the exam. For the solution of this, make a time table for you study.

Write down a schedule of exam on paper and how many days you have for preparation. Then manage the days accordingly. You will find for some exams you need more time to balance the time according to your comfort.

Organize your study location

Have you enough space to spread the book and notes around you while study? Is there is much light for study? Is you study chair is easy? Are you away of computer and other devices?

Try to stay away from all the problems. Make this sure you are feeling very much comfortable while study and fully focus on studies.

Some of the people want totally silence, while some want music in background. Some want everything well organized for the study concentration while some needs healthy environment. Let you think first what is suited to you then arrange the things according to your taste.

Use flow charts and diagrams

While you are revising visual ads are most helpful. In the beginning write down all the topic which you already know and highlight the point which are new for you. When exams are near review all the notes and make the diagrams accordingly. By making notes in formats will help you in the exams days.

Practice on old exams

One of the best way to exam preparation is to practice the old papers. This will help you in a way to understand the format and questions, for the good practice make you sure that you have proper time to spend on each topic.

Explain your answers to others

Family and friends usually don’t disturb you in exam days. Use them for the practice. Discuss an answer of question with them. This method will help you in which areas you are weak and want more time to adjust.

Organize study groups with friends

Its best practice to study in group with your friends. You may have some question from syllabus then know well and vice versa. Make sure while utilizing this that you have fully focused on you studies and it is the best way to study.

Take regular breaks

While you are studying and you think maximum study hour spend will help you for better results but that can actually not effective. For example if you are taking participate in marathon then you would not run for 24 hrs. Study shown that, it is more useful to study with break either long term preparation.

Every human have different study routine that work for them. If you are good in morning study then night study for you will now more effective.

Snack on brain food

Are you feeling hungry and have no time to cook, but remember eating food will increase level and concentration, then again stay away from junk food. Keep your body and brain fit with good nutrition food, that will help you keep concentration of studies such food are, blueberries, nuts, seeds, fish and yogurt. This also apply on the exam day that if you take healthy food, it will keep you fresh and you mind will work sharply.

Plan your exam day

Have you ready everything for the exam day? Don’t leave the things for the day and when time arrives you realize such things left. Write down all the rule and requirement for the day on the way of journey.

If possible take a test drive to the exam center. If now then make a route and write in down. Work on how much time it will take then add some extra into it.

Drink plenty of water

On the final day remember to well hydrated will help your brain work faster. Make this sure you have enough amount to water with you in the revision and on exam day.

Good luck.

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