Unique way to keep students away from mobile phones

The cell phone is a vicious device that has turned the aspirants all over the world away from positive activities. Not just students but also adults walk the streets, standing at bus stops. The habit of mobile phones has made the family members different from each other. Unversed, practical social distances have enlarged and imaginary summits have been created. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) technology company ‘Lock & Stock’ has also launched its project in Pakistan to improve the lives of students.

Lock & Stock is actually free mobile app that encourages the aspirants to keep their mobile phones locked and in return they are given various financial and educational benefits and discounts. (key) through which they can not only get discounts on food and beverages, entertainment and various brands, however also through which they can get scholarships in the leading universities across the globe. The aspirants can also get job as well as internship opportunities in various educational institutes.

As per the reports, the app was launched in Dubai earlier in 2017 and since then more than 50,000 students have been offline for a total of 558 years. The 23-year co-founder and chief executive officer Lock & Stock said that “Our main objective is to enhance the lives of aspirants and we want to fight digital addiction around the world,” said Craig Fernandez. He was the student of University of Iowa.

The programming of lock & stock app tracks the time that the students spend away from the mobile phones smartphone and blocks notifications from social media apps that permit the aspirants to spend time on other activities of their choice. There is also a competition between those who stay offline for the longest time and a student who stays away from mobile phone for the time-consuming time is rewarded every week.

The aspirants can take benefits of discounts and other offers by turning off or away from their smartphones, and the scholarship platform for students. Through this app, the aspirants can get access to the platforms from more than 400 universities around the world where students are offered services in exchange for university fees and assistance if they stay away from phones.

Through Lock & Stock in 2019, the aspirants saved more than 5, 500,000 in scholarships and fee discounts, while so far this year students have received a total of more than 10 million in scholarships. The Lock & Stock app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and App Store.

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